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Our Surrey tree consultancy receives many questions from clients who are inquisitive about how we go about a tree survey, Arboricultural Impact Assessment or other types of arboricultural report. On this page we’ve looked to answer some of these questions to provide a little insight into our profession.


However, if you have another question not featured here, please feel free to give us a call on 020 8668 8362. One of our qualified Surrey tree consultants would be more than happy to answer any query you might have.


What types of arboricultural report can a Local Planning Authority (LPA) request when dealing with development proposals?

This really depends on the site and the type of development being proposed. If an LPA around Surrey has concerns over the retention of trees on a site, they may request that an Arboricultural Impact Assessment be carried out. The Arboricultural Impact Assessment details how a development may impact trees on or nearby the site in question, setting out a list of issues and concerns to be addressed in an Arboricultural Method Statement.


The Arboricultural Method Statement governs how development should be conducted with regards to preserving trees which have been selected for retention. It looks to ensure that all developmental activity is properly planned and executed to ensure retained trees are not damaged in any way.


A tree constraints report may also be requested, which marks the potential developable land on a site, if segments of land previously favoured for construction work have been set aside to retain trees. The tree constraints report will set out root protection areas and explain measures that need to be taken to avoid damage to trees’ crowns.


I’m in Surrey and concerned a tree on my property may be structurally unsound, can you help?

Yes, we can carry out a tree safety inspection to address any fears you might have. Our highly qualified team of tree consultants are experienced in all manners of tree inspection, and we can locate any potential problems and suggest to you a solution. Whether it’s a weak bough, signs of tree disease, storm damage or areas of a tree receiving insufficient nutrients and sunlight, W. J. Kent Tree Consultancy can help get to the bottom of the issue with a thorough and efficient tree safety inspection.


What are the benefits of investing in a tree survey?

A tree survey, one of the most common forms of arboricultural report we carry out for clients in Surrey, identifies species of all trees in a stand, their exact physical measurements, age, health and life expectancy. The chief benefit is that, if you invest in a tree survey, you can learn all risks associated with trees on your land and how best to manage them.


As you have a legal obligation to ensure the trees on your land do not hurt people or damage nearby property, it is important to ensure you know the status of your trees and understand what needs to be done to keep them healthy. A tree survey provides clarity and much needed information on arboriculture present on your land.


What’s featured in a tree protection plan?

A tree protection plan is a report which provides details on how trees on or near a development site are to be protected, for example through the establishment of Construction Exclusion Zones – areas surrounded by protective fencing. The tree protection plan, which will feature explanatory Computer Assisted Design drawings, also illustrates ground and root protection measures.


So if you’re in Surrey and require a tree survey, tree inspection, Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Arboricultural Method Statement, tree constraints report or tree safety inspection, give us a call.


Dial 020 8668 8362 to speak to a member of the W. J. Kent Tree Consultancy team. We are the Surrey area’s tree survey and arboricutlural report expert.

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