Tree Consultancy Services for Croydon, Surrey and Surrounding Areas


Below we’ve provided information on some of the services we offer. If you wish to book a tree safety inspection, tree constraints report, arboricultural impact assessment or arboricultural method statement in Croydon, Surrey or the wider South East area, call us on 020 8668 8362.

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Tree Risk Management


All tree owners have a 'duty of care' to make sure their trees are systematically inspected by a competent person under The Occupiers Liability Act 1957/84.


We have a large client portfolio including schools, estate management companies, local authorities, commercial and private property owners in and around the Croydon and Surrey areas who ask us to regularly inspect their trees. Our inspections and reports shift the burden of responsibility from the tree owner to us as the advising experts. If you are concerned about tree safety, contact us so that we can help you meet your legal obligations through the provision of a tree safety inspection.


The different inspection regimes vary from site to site, but would typically involve one of the following:


• Walk over tree inventory surveys for large tree populations.

• Tree safety inspections and management recommendations for variable sized tree populations from a single tree to large tree stocks.

• Tree condition surveys and diagnosis of ill health with viable treatment options.

• Quantified tree risk/hazard assessments. (QTRA registered user)

• Climbing, aerial inspections.

• In depth tree safety analysis using sophisticated decay detection equipment such as the IML Resistograph or Picus sonic tomography.


Planning and Development (BS5837 Surveys)


The modern planning system for development is complicated. Trees are only one of many factors requiring careful consideration in order to secure planning consent. We provide what the councils want in terms of expert tree surveys to assist validation of planning applications. Our surveys are produced in accordance with BS5837:2012 (Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction) and due to our in-depth knowledge and experience of tree related planning matters we know exactly what is required for any planning situation where trees are concerned.


Our planning services and report formats include:


Initial Site Visit – An informal discussion on development potential with regard to tree constraints. This advice is popular for the developer, who can gain an insight of the development potential where tree constraints might be a significant obstacle before committing to buy a site. We regularly act as advisers to developers in Croydon, Surrey and all across the South East.


Baseline Tree Survey and Tree Constraints Report – This  report comes at the pre-planning stage and will include a site visit for the collection of relevant tree data in accordance with BS5837:2012, focusing on the retention values and constraints posed by existing trees. It will be an essential tool in assisting the design layout. Tree data will be presented in a formal report format including tree schedules and CAD drawn plans. This report is not normally used for planning submissions, but is primarily for the use of the architect.


Arboricultural Impact Assessment Report – This report comes following the design layout proposal and will be used for planning submissions. Its focus is the impact potential on trees within or near the site with regard to the development proposal and the potential impact retained trees could have on the new development post construction.


Tree Protection Plan – A scaled CAD drawing showing tree protection measures required for the successful retention of trees on development sites. It will also include detail such as tree removals or pruning and new tree planting.


Arboricultural Method Statement – A report usually provided in order to discharge a planning condition, or occasionally to go together with the planning submission package. The report focuses on tree protection measures in detail and describes how site operations will be carried out, systematically in chronological order – with a particular emphasis on works within or near root protection areas.


Site Supervision – This is frequently specified in the method statement. It will typically involve a programme of scheduled site visits throughout the development process, usually including: checking of tree protection measures including fencing and ground protection and on-site supervision of activities within root protection areas – particularly excavations. All supervision procedures shall be recorded and copied to the council in order to discharge planning conditions.

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a man assessing a tree with technology

Mortgage & Insurance Reports


Tree related property damage is a cause of concern for mortgage lenders and insurance companies. They often require written assessments of trees to evaluate the level of risk that trees may pose to a property before agreeing terms.

We will provide reports suitable for these purposes including a natural subsidence risk rating and an assessment of existing or potential direct damage as a result of impacts from nearby trees.


Tree Valuation

Tree valuation is often necessary to resolve disputes, a legal conflict or settle an insurance claim for damage. Trees confer many benefits such as visual amenity, human wellbeing, wildlife habitat, screening and even property values.


We use the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) systematic approach, which is an internationally recognised system as a starting point for tree valuations. This system can be used to evaluate single trees – to groups of trees – to woodlands and is suitably robust to withstand legal scrutiny.


TPO & Conservation Area Applications

Trees of significant amenity value or contribution to the local character can be legally protected by councils by the provision of a tree preservation order (TPO) or conservation area designations. However, there has to be a reasonable balance between the benefits that trees provide and the issues they may cause nearby residents.


Due to our extensive experience of TP0 and conservation area tree work applications (APP1 and 211 notice procedures respectively) we are able to advise on what works are likely to be acceptable to councils and will present the applications on the clients behalf in a technical way, maximising the chances of a successful outcome.


If you’re in the Croydon, Surrey or wider South East area and require any more information on what’s involved in a tree safety inspection, arboricultural impact assessment, tree constraints report or arboricultural method statement, give us a call.


Dial 020 8668 8362 for a free quote. We are the Croydon and Surrey areas’ leading provider of tree safety inspections and arboricultural impact assessments.

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