Responsibilities for Landowners & Arboricultural Reports in Kingston


If you own property in and around Kingston with trees on your land, you will automatically be responsible for maintaining their condition with arboricultural reports and tree surveys. At W J Kent Tree Consultancy Ltd, we specialise in protecting both landowners and the health of their woodlands with a comprehensive arboricultural impact assessment and tree safety inspection. We’re here to conduct tree inspections carried out by fully-qualified arborists our clients can rely on, in compliance with the local Surrey authorities.


Important Things to Know


A single tree or forest is the responsibility of the property owner whose land it is growing on. This can belong to the landowner, tenant or estate management company. Therefore, the property and tree or woodland owner must fulfil a duty of care by investing in tree safety inspections and arboricultural reports on a regular basis. This will ensure that trees won’t cause harm or damage to people or affect your neighbours’ land. Investing in tree inspections will limit the risk of Kingston clients being held negligible for accidents from falling debris.


If you’re planning any redevelopment to your land, arboricultural impact assessments and tree surveys will help landowners to properly check for any constraint issues. According to the National Tree Safety Group, Kingston clients should have a plan in place for tree and woodland management, which is ideal for eco-friendly and law-abiding reasons.


Strategy for Managing Trees


Clients should understand the condition of their woodland with a tree survey. This includes information about the species, age and health. Our arborists will advise Kingston clients on effective woodland management by suggesting the short-term to long-term forestry services we can undertake on their behalf.


Whereas, smaller Kingston properties with one or two trees will benefit from a tree inspection or tree safety inspection to check for any detrimental signs of disease or structural hazards. The recommendations made by our professional arborists are important for landowners to take on board as any issues that result from hazardous trees will make them liable for damages.


Maintaining Records of Arboricultural Reports


Kingston landowners should keep extensive records of any tree surveys and arboricultural reports to support their history of tree safety inspections. This is also important for when accidents occur due to extreme weather damage. This also applies to any work which has been carried out by renovation or construction companies, with Arboricultural impact assessments and tree inspections filed away.


Zoning Public Areas


• Highways, railways and walkways pose the biggest risk as they are frequently in use and any faulty trees can cause seriously injury or death

• Areas in and around Kingston which are used less frequently don’t require tree inspections to the same degree. However, clients are strongly advised to action any issues highlighted in arboricultural reports, tree safety inspections and tree surveys regardless of the foot or vehicle traffic


Tree Safety Inspection


1. Cursory Tree Inspection – Kingston landowners are encouraged to superficially check trees every day to notice immediate issues

2. Periodic Tree Inspection – These scheduled tree safety inspections or arboricultural reports (including an arboricultural impact assessment prior to renovations), will closely examine the condition of individual trees

3. Detailed Tree Inspection – This comprehensive tree safety inspection will be conducted for woodlands close to frequently used public places


Redevelopment Projects


Arboricultural impact assessments determine how trees in the immediate vicinity of your Kingston property will impact development projects, such as redevelopments, constructions, new builds and vice versa. Similarly, a tree constraints report relates to how garden or ground development projects in Kingston can be completed in proximity to trees and woodland areas. This takes into consideration the Root Protection Areas and the space required for the tree to grow without renovations being affected in the future.


All factors will be clearly determined using Computer Aided Design (CAD) during the planning process. This will help Kingston clients to outweigh the risks and hazards involved with clear, legal solutions.


For further advise about arranging tree inspections and arboricultural reports at your property in Kingston or the surrounding Surrey area, call 020 8668 8362.

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