Advantages of a Tree Survey in Epsom


We can help Epsom clients to fulfil a tree survey and arboricultural reports as part of the planning process for garden redevelopments. Our experienced arborists will advise clients how to successfully balance a tree safety inspection and arboricultural impact assessment to alleviate obstacles from standing in the way of their dream landscaping project. All tree inspections are thoroughly conducted with professional care and attention.


Detailed Tree Surveys


Tree surveys and tree safety inspections are required for Epsom clients with trees and forests on their land. There are many reasons why trees benefit residential and commercial properties, which can be maintained with the help of arborists who are experienced in carrying out arboricultural reports and treatments that keep trees healthy. These environmentally-friendly benefits include:


• Green infrastructures which help to cool buildings with micro-climatic effects which are energy-efficient

• Trees offer a beautiful aesthetic for older homes, hotels and resorts, which can also be used to cover up unsightly exteriors

• Woodlands serve to protect and shelter the local Epsom wildlife by encouraging eco-friendly habitats

• Grounds with trees that have passed tree inspections and tree surveys can safely provide shade during hot climates and shield visitors from sunlight glare


If Epsom clients are planning on any building or groundworks at their property, an arboricultural impact assessment will determine how the work will affect existing or newly planted trees. Together with the British Standards 5837 (2012), an arboricultural impact assessment will analyse how the construction and woodland can co-exist in a long-term situation.


How We Can Help You


Arranging for a tree survey to be carried out at your Epsom property is the first stage of the tree safety inspection process. Tree surveys and arboricultural reports adhere to ‘BS 5837:2012 – Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition & Construction – Recommendations’. This industry standard focuses on maintaining the care and safety of trees. A fully-trained arborist will undertake the tree inspection to compile a report, including the species, health, signs of decay, height, crown width and other structural measurements.


If tree surveys and arboricultural reports, including arboricultural impact assessments, are completed at the start of the planning phase, clients in Epsom will be able to incorporate redevelopment projects with the existing woodland. This may involve removing trees which are decaying or felling trees to accommodate space. Our arborists will consider Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) as part of arboricultural reports if the Epsom property is a protected British Heritage site or located in a conservation area. This will proactively identify any issues that builders or landscapers will need work around due to tree constraints and arboricultural impact assessments.


Tree Survey Process


Initial Consultation – Our arborists will take the time to get to know more about your plans, such as the purpose of the project, information about your Epsom property and the woodland before tree inspections commence

Site Visit and Tree Survey – Our team will arrange a convenient time to visit your home or workplace and undertake a tree safety inspection or arboricultural impact assessment to ensure health and safety codes are met

Compiled Tree Survey and Arboricultural Reports – We’ll be able to provide Epsom clients with details about individual trees or woodland areas, together with our recommended course of action and treatments to maintain the health of their trees


To find out more about tree surveys and arboricultural impact assessments affecting developments at your Epsom or nearby Surrey property, call 020 8668 8362.

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