All Types of Arboricultural Report for Croydon Clients


There are a variety of different types of arboricultural report that W. J. Kent Tree Consultancy can carry out for public bodies, commercial and industrial entities, and homeowners in and around the Croydon area. Here we have laboured to explain what each involves and how each is different, hoping the page acts as somewhat of a lexicon of terms.


However, do not hesitate to contact us if you require any more information on the services we provide. Our fully qualified and insured team offer free, no-obligation quotes on all work in Croydon.


Tree Survey

A tree survey looks to gather important information on the trees present on a particular area of land. This would include their species, physical measurements, age, health and life expectancy. Included with the survey’s results would be management recommendations, advice a client can feel free to heed or ignore.


Our team can form and carry out short, medium or long term forest management plans, so if you’d like to keep us on following a tree survey around Croydon, it’s not a problem.


Tree Inspection / Tree Safety Inspection

A tree inspection or tree safety inspection involves the examination of a single tree or crop of trees, so in this respect is a smaller procedure than a full tree survey. It involves a professional arboriculturist checking to see if a tree shows any signs of disease, structural weakness or similar ailment.


It is very important that landowners in and around the Croydon area regularly invest in tree inspection, as they are legally accountable for any damage a poorly maintained tree may cause to a person or property. If someone were to be injured by a falling bough, you could face a hefty bill rather than the relatively inexpensive fee for a tree safety inspection. So why take the risk?


Arboricultural Impact Assessment

An Arboricultural Impact Assessment is a written, in-depth account of how a development proposal may impact trees on a particular area of land. The trees don’t necessarily have to stand on the development site itself, and can just be nearby enough to be of concern.


This form of arboricultural report is the first stage in ascertaining if and how trees should be protected if a development is to be granted permission to go ahead.


Aboricultural Method Statement

An Arboricultural Method Statement follows on from the Arboricultural Impact Assessment, explaining how construction and development work can be carried out in a set area without damaging protected trees. It will include advice on how to avoid damaging not only the tree’s physical crown, but its roots and any growth that may occur in the future.


The Arboricultural Method Statement will cover tree surgery works, tree root protection zones, details of methods of construction, trenching methods, a contingency plan, post construction landscaping and tree planting, amongst other miscellanea aspects.


Tree Constraints Report

A tree constraints report explains exactly where development can take place on a site where trees are to be retained. It will see out Root Protection Areas, and also show exactly how much birth must be given to a tree’s crown. Computer Aided Design is employed by an arboriculturist to ensure the tree constraints report is as clear and accurate as possible.


Tree Protection Plan

A tree protection plan is a scale drawing which shows the final layout proposals, including tree retention and both tree and landscape protection measures. The latter details are drawn from the Arboricultural Method Statement, and can be visualised through a graph.


If you’re in Croydon and require any of the above mentioned types of arboricultural report, or you’re unsure what you need and require some advice on the subject, feel free to contact us.


Call W. J. Kent Tree Consultancy on 020 8668 8362. We are the Croydon area’s leading provider of all types of arboricultural report and tree survey.

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